Building Around New Legends in Commander

by Taylor Ruble  

Spoiler season is always an exciting time for the Magic: the Gathering community. This is especially true for those of us that indulge in Commander. While everyone else is looking for that Standard staple or Legacy diamond in the rough, we are holding our breath for that 7/7 Kraken with a sweet “enters the battlefield” (ETB) ability for our mono-blue-ramp-monstrosity, or for another lord that pumps angels for our full-foil-tribal-angels-project. New Legends in particular make our hearts beat a little faster as we try to gauge their worthiness to lead our troops to battle. Currently Magic 2015 (M15) is slowly being revealed, but we already have one new Legendary Creature to brainstorm around: Jalira, Master Polymorphist. Read more

The Power 9 of Commander

by Taylor Ruble

If you have been playing Magic: The Gathering for more than a few months, you have probably heard of the Power 9. The Power 9 are the nine most broken cards ever printed. They are mistakes that the designers of Magic: The Gathering have pledged never to repeat. There is only one sanctioned format in which you are even allowed to play them: Vintage! Drawing one of the Power 9 increases your chances of winning that game sevenfold.

My question for you today is: “What are The Power 9 of Commander?” What nine cards are so overpowered that they significantly increase your chances of winning the game whenever you cast them? Read more

Taylor Ruble

rubleTaylor started playing Magic: the Gathering during the Mirrodin Besieged expansion set. He played Standard format for a few years: Delver of Secrets never left his hand throughout its time in Standard, and Affinity is one of his favorite decks of all time. Now, he just plays EDH (Commander) with his trusty Jhoira of the Ghitu deck. He has a BS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and lives in Indianapolis with his beautiful wife Kara and two cats Juba and Artoo. He loves foils, alters and anything Star Wars. Follow Taylor on Tumblr at